Friday, February 25, 2011

Pauline Bookfair at Resurrection Parish!

For many ROL parishioners it's difficult to get downtown to the Pauline Bookstore. So, at the request of ROL parishioner and faithful customer, Gaylene Colon, the Daughters of Saint Paul brought the bookstore to Waipio. After each Mass last weekend Sister Linh and Sister An Mei offered an assortment of spiritual books, DVD's and rosaries for the parishioners of Resurrection of the Lord parish to view and purchase. We at ROL would like to thanks the Daughters of Saint Paul for their dedication and service in bringing the word of Our Lord, and the Catholic Church, to our Hawaiian Ohana. (Reported and photo by Bob Mace at Resurrection Parish in Waipahu, HI)

Lent Catalog from PBM!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Aloha Run 2011

Annually on Presidents' Day, the Great Aloha Run takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The 8.15 miles (approx. 13 km) course starts in downtown Honolulu on Nimitz Highway across from Aloha Tower, and runs west on Nimitz Highway along Honolulu Harbor, under the Interstate H-1 viaduct near Honolulu International Airport, and along Kamehameha Highway, finishing on the floor of Aloha Stadium. The Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium route gives the race its name.

This year about 27,000 runners, 90% are Hawaii residents. This number also includes as many as 5,000 members of the United States Armed Forces who run in formation in the so-called "Sounds of Freedom" division.

There are about 19222 participants have finished the race. Srs. An Mei and Sr Gioan Linh joined Bishop Larry Silva and a group from the Diocese of Honolulu. The cause was to get pledges of prayers for the Akua Run/Walk for Vocations.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pray by Justin Bieber